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Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
We are aware of problems involving the Popup client on 10.8. At this time, we are awaiting a new version of the software from the vendor (Pharos) which supports 10.8. The problem involves some slow loading and occasional crashing of the Popup client, but also prevents the Popup client from restarting after a reboot. If you experience these problems, try starting the Popup client manually (in /Library/Application Support/Pharos/), and then resuming your stopped job.

The biggest problem with version 8.1 of the Pharos Popup Client under Mac OS X 10.8 is that it does not automatically start at boot time. It may have worked for you immediately after you installed it, but after you rebooted your machine the Popup window would no longer pop up, and print jobs stay in the printer's queue on your computer forever.

This work-around will manually add the Pharos Popup Client to your Login Items, causing it to launch whenever you log in. This should resolve the "Popup Client not running" problem until we receive an updated version from the vendor that works with 10.8.

  1. Open System Preferences... from your Apple menu.
  2. Find the preference pane called Users & Groups and open it.
  3. With your account selected, switch to the Login Items tab.
    Click the + button underneath the list of Login Items to add a new one.
  4. Browse to Macintosh HD:/Library/Application Support/Pharos
  5. Select the Popup application in the above folder and click Add
  6. The Popup app should now appear in your list of Login Items. You can quit out of System Preferences. The next time you reboot your machine or log out and log back in, the Popup app will launch automatically.

When printing to a Pharos printer on Mac OS, you normally are presented with a "Popup" window asking for your Kerberos username, and a name for the print job. This window is presented by an application called "Popup", which normally starts at boot time. In rare cases, this application can crash.

The easiest option is to reboot the Mac. If that doesn't work, you can launch the "Popup" application manually – it can be found in/Library/Application Support/Pharos/.

You may need to delete the failed job from the print queue.