Poster Printing Payment Methods
Posted by Digital Media Services on 26 December 2012 01:44 PM

Poster Printing Payment Methods

Poster requests can be paid by using one of the following methods. Please note that we do not accept cash or check as a form of payment for poster requests. For more information about poster printing visit our website.

Rambler Bucks

Ramber Bucks are accepted for poster requests submitted by currently active and enrolled Loyola University Chicago students, faculty and staff.

For more information on how to add Rambler Bucks to your Loyola University Chicago ID card, please visit:

Budget account code

Budget account codes are accepted for poster requests submitted by Loyola University Chicago faculty and staff. Budget account codes are not accepted for poster requests submitted by students.

If you elect to use a budget account code to pay for your poster request, you are responsible for contacting your budget administrator and providing a copy of the invoice for reporting purposes. You will receive an email receipt for all requests.