DMS Fall '17 Semester Schedule Gaps
Posted by Nick Liberatore on 03 August 2016 04:36 PM

This article is intended for current Digital Media Services student workers and prospective applicants directed to this link by Digital Media Services supervisors as we finalize our Fall '17 Semester Schedule in our scheduling system prior to the start of the upcoming semester or academic year.

This attachment will be updated regularly, please refer to the timestamp associated with the file. This PDF contains only open and available slots in our schedule as we strive to close them. Note that "CLC 606" locations are at the Water Tower Campus while "IC 207" and "IC 2" are at the Lakeshore Campus.

Please ignore specific dates, only refer to day of week. For example, shifts on "Sun, Oct 1, 2017" should be considered permanent schedule shifts occurring on "Sundays".

 available shifts 11_10 2_38pm.pdf (48.57 KB)

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