How do I log into a long-term loan laptop?
Posted by Nick Liberatore on 24 March 2016 02:57 PM

Laptops that are available for long-term loan are imaged with our standard computer lab image. The login process is similar to logging into a lab workstation when you are on-campus, however when not on the Loyola network, using your standard University Network ID is not able to communicate to our authentication servers. As a result, each laptop has a local account created for use. We strongly recommend using this account whether on- or off-campus. Use the account details listed below:

Mac Laptops
Username: localdmluser

PC Laptops
Username: .\localdmluser
(note that the .\ is part of the login name!)
Password: dmluser1

Note: Stickers are placed around the laptop monitor listing these accounts as well.