I did not pass the 3. Connection Speed Test, how do I resolve this?
Posted by Nick Liberatore on 22 March 2016 01:14 PM

Your connection speed is critical for a quality experience and connection as Adobe Connect has the ability to stream multiple video and audio sources, share screens and other media through the variety of pods available. If this test fails and returns "Adobe Connect detects a poor connection. Please quit all other applications. If the problem persists, contact your IT administrator," complete the following steps:

  • Make sure you are on a dedicated, hard-wired connection - not wireless. Using wireless will result in competing with all other network-enabled devices or other users present, sharing that available bandwidth, which can result in choppy audio/video or connnection troubles. Wired connections will afford a dedicated connection to Adobe Connect and greatly reduce these issues.
  • Close all other applications. Other applications might be running in the background or performing tasks that are utilizing more of your workstation's memory and processing power, as well as downloads or other bandwidth-related tasks.
  • Visit speedtest.net to run a bandwidth test from your ISP. This third-party website will allow you to review your bandwidth as provided by your Internet Service Provider. This includes ping time, download and upload speeds. Higher values will reflect greater bandwidth and speeds, whereas lowever values will return slower speeds and poor connection experiences with websites including Adobe Connect.