I did not pass the 2. Adobe Connect Connection Test, how do I resolve this?
Posted by Nick Liberatore on 22 March 2016 01:01 PM

The Adobe Connect Connection Test will test the connection to the Connect Server. You may see an error stating "ERROR: FMS Server did not return correctly!" This will typically occur when firewall or anti-virus settings on your workstation are blocking the necessary ports to communicate to our servers. 

First, temporarily turn off any firewall or anti-virus applications on your workstation in order to run the test again. For Windows users, please review to the Turn Windows Firewall On or Off article by Microsoft for further instructions. If after completing the test and the results are now positive, it is an indicator that your firewall settings are blocking the necessary ports Adobe Connect uses to communicate.

Be sure to review your firewall and add/enable ports 1935, 443 and 80.

For more information, see the Adobe Connect Help > Troubleshoot Connectivity page.