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How to Scan
Posted by Bethany Childs on 12 February 2016 03:25 PM

How to Scan

Scanners are available in various lab locations at Loyola. To find out more about our availble resources visit our website.

Follow these directions to scan a document or picture:

  • Make sure the USB cable is plugged into the scanner and the proper computer.
  • Power on the computer and scanner 

Tip: Check for a green light on the scanner. If scanner is off, press circular button on the left side of the scanner.

  • Open the scanner and place your document or photo face down on glass then close the scanner.
    • For Macs: open a new Finder window. Under Applications > select the folder Epson Scan > select Epson Scan to open the program
    • For PCs: click the Start menu in the lower left corner of your screen. Type "Epson Scan" into the search bar and open the application.
  • Click the button titled New Scan - Your document or picture will appear in a window above this button.
  • If the preview of the document looks correct, click the Accept Button.
  • Another window will open up allowing you to name your document and choose a location to save your document.
  • Next to Format, choose the correct format to save your document as, e.g. JPG for an image or PDF for a text document.
  • Click Save.

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