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Reserve a Group Study Room
Posted by Bethany Childs on 12 February 2016 02:20 PM

Reserve a Group Study Room

Group study rooms can be reserved at LSC or WTC four weeks in advance of the current date. Find out more about group study rooms on our website.

To reserve a room click here.

Rules for reserving Group Study Rooms:

  • Users can reserve a group study room for up to 2 hours a day.
  • Individuals may reserve rooms for 6 hours total for any given week (Sun–Sat).
  • Reserved rooms not occupied by members of the reserving group within 10 minutes after the beginning of the reservation period may be occupied by members of any other group needing to use a group study room.
  • Group study room users without reservations must leave when requested by a group with proof of valid reservation, provided it is not after the 10 minute grace period.
  • Rooms cannot be reserved or held by placing personal belongings in them. Unattended items will be removed and held until close at the Second Floor Service Desk before being sent to the University’s Lost and Found.

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