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How to Print from a Lab Computer
Posted by Bethany Childs on 19 January 2016 03:53 PM

How to Print from a Lab Computer

Digital Media Services, in coordination with Information Technology Services and other departments on-campus, manages and maintains a number of multimedia computer labs across both the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses. From the lab workstations you can send print jobs to near by black and white or color printers. For more information about printing on campus visit our website here.

Step 1: From any application, navigate to the print menu and select Print. Depending on your location, you may be presented with multiple printers to select from (Black & White and Color), select the applicable printer and then click OK.

Tip: We strongly encourage you to review the Print Preview to verify that documents and webpages will print as you expect and to verify there are no blank pages at the end.

Step 2: A prompt will appear asking for a Name and Password. This is specific to each individual print job and there are no restrictions on what must be entered here, as long as it it at least one character long.

Step 3: Go to the printer you selected and swipe your Loyola ID in the OnePrint station. Find your print job, it will be listed next to your UVID, with the name you gave when you sent the print job. You will be prompted enter the password you created for this job.

Step 4: After printing hit "Exit" on the OnePrint station.

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