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Alumni & Guest Computer Access
Posted by Bethany Childs on 13 January 2016 12:55 PM

Alumni & Guest Workstation Access

Alumni and Guests may access specific workstations at the Information Commons first floor service desk at Lake Shore Campus. Alumni may also access specific workstations in the Digital Media Lab in Corboy Law Center room 608 at Water Tower Campus. There is no charge for access or use of a workstation. More information is available here.

To access workstations:

Alumni must present a valid alumni card in addition to a current form of identification.

Guests must present a valid and current form of identification such as a U.S Driver's License, U.S. State Identification Card, Passport, Green Card or Military Identification Card.

During your first visit, a staff member will also require the following information in order to create a unique workstation account for you: First and Last Name, Permanent Address, Telephone Number and Email Address. After your first visit, we will only require verification that your information has not changed.

Workstation restrictions:

  • Access to University workstations is available to guests between the hours of 8:00am and 12:00am. ITS and the Libraries reserve the right to deny access at any time based on the needs of Loyola University Chicago students, faculty and staff. We encourage you to check the Information Commons or Lewis Libraries web page or call for building hours in advance, as hours may vary between terms or for special events.
  • While using University lab workstations, you are strongly encouragednotto save your work directly to the workstation. Instead, consider using external USB-based storage or using web-based resources such as Google Drive. When you are finished using a workstation, it is important that you log out immediately. When you restart or log out of a workstation all personal information, documents and resources are deleted. Additionally, all computers will automatically log out after thirty (30) minutes of inactivity or when your session time expires.All work that is not saved to external storage will be lost.

All alumni and guest workstations have the following applications installed:

Productivity ToolsInternet BrowsersMicrosoft Office 2013
Adobe Acrobat Reader Google Chrome Microsoft Access
Calculator Internet Explorer Microsoft Excel
Paint Mozilla Firefox Microsoft OneNote
WinRar   Microsoft PowerPoint
Wordpad   Microsoft Publisher
    Microsoft Word

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